KL windows do not just supply you with dazzling windows, we also provide amazing doors. Our doors come in an array of styles from composite doors to French doors with each having unique style and properties. No matter what your taste, we will have doors to match your and your home’s aesthetic. Just as importantly, our doors are sturdy and secure to ensure maximum security for your home. We are proud to provide stylish, secure doors to the people of Cork and beyond.

  • Composite Doors

    Our composite doors are the best on the market. We provide your home with strong, secure, energy efficient and durable doors to ensure that your home always remains stylish and secure. Composite doors are some of the safest available and are fantastic for anyone who wants to make sure that they’re home is fully secure. Additionally, due to the sturdy nature and tight seal achieved with these doors, they allow heat to stay put in your home, saving you on heating costs and making your home more energy efficient. We pride ourselves on providing stylish composite doors to make your home give its best first impression.

  • French Doors

    Like patio doors, French doors give the illusion of extra space in your home. The extra, natural light that enters your home due to French doors is beautiful and helps you save on your energy bill. Something that a lot of people don’t know about French lights is that they are extremely customisable too! We can help you customise the French doors that you desire to make them the perfect fit in your home. French doors are an elegant addition to any home and unlike patio doors, you can open both sides of the door at once if you wish, allowing even more air and space into your home

  • Latest in Doors

    Patio/Sliding Doors

    Patio (sliding) doors are a wonderful addition to any home. Not only do KL window’s patio doors add refinement and beauty to your home, but they also add value to it. They are a gorgeous addition to be able to sit back on your chair and glance at your beautiful garden – without the fear of rain or dirty pets running in and out of your house! Patio doors also improve your home’s efficiency by allowing an abundance of natural light into your home, often making it unnecessary to turn on your lights. Not to mention that our sliding doors add the illusion of more space in your home – and are extremely useful for transporting large objects into your home!

  • Palladio Doors

    Similar to composite doors, Palladio doors add sturdiness and style to your home. In addition to save on heat costs, these doors are the perfect welcome to any visitor and will ward off intruders with their strength and rigidity. Palladio doors are a fantastic addition to any home and here at KL Windows, we are proud Palladio door suppliers..

  • Bi-Folding Doors

    At KL Windows, we think that bi-folding doors can be a stunning addition to any home. Bi-folding doors hold many of the benefits that French doors and patio doors have, in that they allow light into your home, add the illusion of extra space and help you to save on energy. Additional to this though is the extra security that they provide. Bi-folding doors often have multi lock points as opposed to just one of other door types. This allows you to be secure of mind about the security of your home.