Windows are the eyes of the home. At KL Windows we pride ourselves in providing only the best, most stunning windows available to let you see your home at its finest. Not only do our windows allow your home to appear at its most beautiful, but they also provide an exceptional barrier against heat and noise loss. Our windows are stylish and functional and come in 3 different styles in order to give you maximum choice and comfort for your home – oh, and they’re also made from PVC-U so you protect both your home and the environment!

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    Tilt & Turn Windows

    Tilt and turn windows are the perfect addition to a stylish home. Tilt and turn windows allow you to ensure your home security whilst also letting air into your home. They are perfect as when locked fit in seamlessly to your home to secure it and when open allow air into your home and can also be used as a fire escape as they can be large enough for people to fit through – and can open fully !

  • Casement Windows

    Our casement windows came about due to amazing research to ensure optimal heat efficiency in your home. These windows are stylish and can be tailored to any size depending on the position of your windows and the amount of space that you have available. These windows open fully and seal tightly allowing you to decide whether you want to keep the rain and cold at bay, or whether you’d prefer some fresh air.

  • Sliding Sash Windows

    Sliding sash windows add a periodic feel to your home. Our sliding sash windows are designed with Ovolo finishing and made from the best quality materials. This gives you a modern functioning window with a historic feel to it. This window is the perfect mix of modern technology with an old, authentic style and the thermal aspect of our sliding sash windows is guaranteed by using 24mm glazing as standard. These windows are also designed to prove outstanding against weathering. They are a gorgeous addition to any home.